Business Analysis Services

Today’s clients are under increased pressure to realize more efficient ways to run their operations. But they must maintain overall corporate strategic direction, service levels and respect the requirements of the business and its stakeholders.

We understand these challenges, as well as the need to develop operational delivery solutions that are cost-effective, reliable and efficient – and solutions that foster collaboration and information sharing across an organization.

Business analysis involves gaining an understanding of your current business services and strategic objectives. You must also capture your current business processes and practices, your organizational structure and the supporting technologies used to manage and integrate your business. This current-state assessment leads to the development of a vision and solution blueprint for a more efficient delivery of services that leverage the use of technology to deliver business goals.

ManageFlow consultants are proficient in this area, and offer years of experience in helping clients transform the way they do business.  Our sound and practical business knowledge and familiarity with leading business analysis methodologies – coupled with our deep understanding of technology – make up the key ingredients needed to develop and implement top-quality operational solutions.

We offer a range of business analysis services, including:

  • Operational Strategy and Planning – services include development of strategies and plans to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Business Process Re-design – services include the development of new business processes to improve operational delivery and/or support operational changes
  • Business Requirements – services include the development of requirements that describe what the system, process, or product must do in order to fulfil business needs


Operational Strategy and Planning Services

Before embarking on a business and/or technology transformation, a business should first be able to formulate its strategic goals, short- and long-term business objectives, organizational challenges (both current and anticipated) and its opportunities for improvement. It must also be able to develop a strategic vision that defines the desired end-state for the organization, along with a plan for how to get there.

ManageFlow employs a proven approach to defining operational strategies and solutions – and to developing realistic and achievable business plans.

Our experienced consultants will work with you and your stakeholders to elicit and analyze the needs of your business. We will also help identify business and technology solutions that take into account your unique business, while leveraging leading industry practices and emerging technologies.

We offer a range of operational strategy and planning services, including:

  • Work with clients to develop operational strategic and business plans to address organizational challenges, goals and long-term strategic vision
  • Develop operational delivery models and solution blue-print that create a more efficient operation that utilizes and leverages technology
  • Develop business cases to provide rationale for change, including benefits to the organization versus incurred costs, return on investment, and demonstrating how the project will further the organization’s strategic objectives


Business Process Re-design

Many organizations’ operational processes and systems tend simply to evolve over time without a clear strategic vision. Organizations are then left with operational challenges, including: a lack of integrated and end-to-end business processes; duplicate and/or manual processes; legacy systems from varying technology platforms with little or no integration; decentralized data and information; and a lack of information sharing across the organization to support strategic analysis and decision-making.

Business process re-design involves the review, evaluation and assessment of current business processes in order to determine where improvements and enhancements can be made – and an assessment of how the application of technology can increase effectiveness.  Furthermore, re-designed processes may be needed in order to support anticipated changes in your organization’s service delivery model. Such changes could include the outsourcing of services or the creation of a shared services environment. Or, they could come as a result of new technologies being introduced into the organization.

ManageFlow’s consultants are adept at helping clients create new working approaches that consider the dimensions of process, organization, and technology – which includes aspects of systems, integration and information management.  We have extensive business expertise and knowledge of leading business practices as well as sound IT knowledge. This allows us to continually create solutions that fully realize the needs and goals of the business.

We have developed a standard, proven approach for gathering and documenting operational processes by employing the use of industry standard tools to visually represent your business.  This method is successful because it provides a complete representation of your organization and its technology, and because it is consistently explainable to business owners.

Our consultants will immerse themselves in your business to understand your current operations, key challenges, strategic goals, objectives and desired outcomes for a new and more efficient operational process environment.

We offer a range of business process re-design services, including:

  • Assess and evaluate the client business environment including organizational structure, daily operational business processes, systems, applications and tools, data and information management
  • Identify operational issues and opportunities and recommend appropriate solutions for organizational improvements, including changes to operational delivery models, business processes and new technologies
  • Document current business processes and re-designed future business processes using leading methods such as Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) for process flow charting
  • Provide fit/gap assessments between current and future processes
  • Plan and implement re-designed processes


Business Requirements

A lack of formally articulated business requirements during an IT project can lead to technology solutions that do not fully meet the needs and priorities of the business.  Given the often substantial investment of time and money for technology implementations, it is critical to get this step right the first time. The solution deployed must meet business and stakeholder needs and expectations.

ManageFlow business analysts are skilled at working with business owners and stakeholders to determine their needs and develop detailed requirements describing what the system, process, or product must do in order to fulfil business needs.

Going through this exercise is often an eye-opening experience for business owners. They begin to think about their needs from an integrated, end-to-end perspective while considering new work strategies in all of their dimensions, including process, organization, and technology.

Our consultants are able to facilitate and capture critical information through reviews of business processes, organizational structure, current systems and applications, and data/information management.  We employ proven industry methodologies for recording business requirements using a formalized approach. We also produce detailed requirements, communicated in a way that is consumable by both an organization’s business and IT communities.

We find it valuable to employ business design standards because they can be applied to the development of business enterprise architecture designs, which has become a mandated requirement for clients embarking on large IT project in the Ontario Public Sector (OPS).

We offer a range of business requirements services, including:

  • Work with the business owners and stakeholders to review business processes, organizational structure, current systems and applications, and data / information management
  • Develop business requirements using proven, industry methodologies such as Unified Modelling Language (UML) that describe what the system, process, or product must do in order to fulfil the business needs
  • Support Enterprise Architecture (EA) design and documentation needed to meet EA review and approval processes for IT projects