Project Management Services

Today, organizations face the challenge of delivering projects with fewer resources, more limited budgets and tighter timelines.  Effective project management helps these organizations successfully complete projects based on agreed-upon timelines, budgets and scope, and according to project objectives, goals and constraints.

ManageFlow consultants bring a wealth of experience and discipline to project management.  We have a proven track record of effectively managing large and complex projects within the public and private sectors.  Our consultants become part of your team and work with your organization to achieve success.

We offer a range of project management services to clients, including:

  • Project Advisory and Oversight – services include assisting clients in defining the project and establishing project management practices according to leading project management methodologies
  • Project Management and Coordination– services include providing day-to-day project management through all project phases from initiation to close-out
  • Procurement – services include management and execution of the review, evaluation and selection of third party products and/or services


Project Advisory and Oversight

In order to achieve successful project outcomes, it is important on every project to clearly define the project in terms of its objectives, expected scope, budget, and timelines – and how the project will be executed, monitored, and controlled.

Without the appropriate levels of planning and oversight, projects are likely to encounter significant roadblocks affecting their ability to provide timely, on-budget, high quality results.

At ManageFlow, we understand the importance of project management practices and will work with our clients to develop a comprehensive approach that respects and reflects client-specific processes – and includes leading practice methodologies.

ManageFlow consultants bring extensive knowledge and experience to project delivery. We consistently apply proven project management methodologies, as well as tools and templates such as Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). For our public sector clients, we are experienced with the Ontario Public Sector (OPS) project management methodologies, and completing the project gating and enterprise architecture processes. We can provide guidance and advise to help you structure your project to comply with these mandated processes so that you can focus on your core project deliverables.

We offer a range of project advisory and oversight services, including:

  • Assistance with a project’s strategic definition and alignment, stakeholder and partner analysis, project governance, risk/issue management and change management
  • Advice on project management practices, procedures and guidelines according to leading project management methodologies

Overall project oversight and advice during project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and close-out phases


Project Management and Coordination

Managing projects can be a challenging proposition for clients, particularly large, multi-faceted projects involving vast project scopes and complexity, multiple business owners, IT staffs, third party vendors and stakeholders.

ManageFlow consultants are experienced at providing project management services to help clients complete projects on time, on budget, and according to project objectives, goals and constraints.  We manage projects from initiation to close out by focusing on the right tasks at the right time, optimizing the use of available resources, addressing and resolving issues, and monitoring performance.

We leverage industry project management methodologies such as Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) for our public sector clients, and we are adept at managing projects according to the Ontario Public Sector (OPS) gating processes, including Project Management Centre of Excellence (PMCOE), Information Technology Project Approvals Committee (ITPAC) and Enterprise Architecture (EA).

We offer a range of project management and co-ordination services, including:

  • Establishment and execution of project procedures and processes according to leading project management practices, including use of software, tools and templates
  • Creation, execution and management of project work plans, including identifying tasks, resources, timelines and constraints
  • Monitoring and tracking of project performance
  • Conducting quality reviews of project deliverables
  • Performing risk assessments; developing and managing risk management plans
  • Managing project scope and change management processes
  • Developing and managing project documents such as a project charter, integrated project plan, project schedule, communications plan, risk management plan and quality assurance plan
  • Project co-ordination, such as organizing project status meetings and preparing status reports and presentations
  • Preparation and execution of knowledge transfer plans
  • Management and monitoring of project budgets



We understand the intricacies of procuring the products and services you need to meet your requirements quickly and efficiently. We also appreciate the need for adherence to your established procurement rules.  Moreover, each procurement process must be fair, transparent and compliant with audit requirements.  For clients, the challenge of navigating through the complexities of procurement can be overwhelming.

ManageFlow consultants have managed numerous procurement projects for private and public sector clients, including RFIs and RFPs, and have successfully reviewed, evaluated and selected vendors for products and/or services for organizations.  We utilize a standard approach for procurement that can be refined as required. We also bring procurement experience within the Ontario Public Sector (OPS) and can manage the process to ensure alignment with OPS methodologies, standards and templates.

We offer a range of procurement services, including:

  • Definition of procurement strategy and processes for review, evaluation and selection
  • Identification and documentation of a client’s service and/or product requirements, evaluation criteria and guidelines
  • Preparation of relevant documents such as Expression of Interest (EOI), Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Management and coordination of the proposal process, vendor communications, and product and/or service presentations
  • Familiarity with MERX, and Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangements
  • Co-ordination and execution of fit/gap analysis and evaluation and/or proof of concept
  • The ability to assist and advise on contractual arrangements, including service levels